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  • Overview
  • SerenityShares takes a solutions-first approach to the belief that investors can seek a financial return while generating positive social outcomes aligned with their values. The SerenityShares Impact ETF (ticker: ICAN) was designed to shift the focus onto the key challenges facing the world and to identify companies helping to solve those challenges.

  • 20 Themes
  • The key to ICAN is the 20 societal and environmental challenges we’ve identified that make the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) investable. These range from renewable energy to elder care. A full list can be found here.

  • Detailed Definitions
  • For each theme, our proprietary, passive methodology defines exactly what the challenge encompasses. For example, the water theme is not just water. Water is not just water, the key challenges are that we want it to be cleaner and use less of it. We do not include companies that simply bottle water or firms that manufacture pipes to transport water. For more details on each of the 20 themes, click here.

  • The Resultant Portfolio
  • ICAN reviews all 6500+ firms listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ to identify firms whose products or services target our identified challenges to society and the environment and which meet size and liquidity requirements. The result is a portfolio diversified across economic sectors that is tobacco-free, fossil fuel E&P-free, weapons-free, and alcohol-free.

  • Constituents and Inclusion Rationale
  • Please click here to see our report

  • To Learn More
  • Please click here to see a more detailed description of our methodology or visit the index provider, SSI Indexes, at

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1. The article incorrectly states the SerenityShares Impact ETF was launched in 2007, it was launched in 2017.

2. For current AUM, click here.

3. For a current list of holdings, click here.

4. GIIN stands for the Global Impact Investing Network

5. Please note the Fund tracks the SSI Impact Index, not the SPADE Impact Index as mentioned in the article.